Prior Planning for Your Psychedelic Journey: Guidelines to Help You Prepare Your Mind, Body, and Spirit for a Safe and Positive Experience

Man holding psilocybin mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin, have been embraced by many as a therapeutic aid. However, for a safe, positive, and life-affirming experience, thoughtful preparation is essential. These guidelines will help you prepare your mind, body, and spirit before embarking on a psychedelic mushroom journey. Remember, while these recommendations can significantly minimize the risk of an unpleasant experience, the quality and dosage of the medicine, coupled with cultural, environmental, and psychological factors, also play a role.

Before your journey, it’s crucial to create the right mindset and establish a supportive environment. In the psychedelic community, this is called “set” (mindset) and “setting” (physical environment).

Psychedelics function as “nonspecific amplifiers of the psyche.” They allow you to connect more easily with your true self, revealing subconscious and deeply suppressed thought and behavioral patterns. Mushrooms embody a living spirit that resides within you and of which you are a part. Therefore, preparing your heart and mind before a journey will help you get the best out of your time with the spirit of the mushrooms.

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions is essential to prepare your mind for the journey. Your intentions should reflect your motivations, main objectives, and questions- the ‘whys’ of your exploration with therapeutic psychedelics. Intentions act as a purposeful bridge into the unknown and an anchor point to which you can return when things become confusing. This will help you cultivate the proper mindset and establish a framework to integrate your experiences.

You can explore intentions ranging from the simple and light-hearted; like having fun with friends or enjoying a blissful day at the park, to the more serious; like overcoming bad habits or improving relationships, and on to the existential; like realizing God or being one with ultimate reality.

You can also frame your intentions as gentle, humble requests to the psychedelic mushrooms – “Could you please show/teach/guide me?” Setting an intention is different from holding onto an expectation; doing this can lead to disappointment and resentment. The key is to keep an open mind and let go of the expectations of how you think the journey should unfold.

Set a Date

Planning your journey can give you time to settle and cultivate the right mindset. You can schedule a day, week, or month in advance. Also, you might want to give yourself an extra day to integrate your experiences before diving straight back into the responsibilities of your everyday life. Remember, assume you will be awake during this time, and set aside a total of seven to nine hours for the journey and post-journey reflection period.

Determine Dosage

The amount you take will depend on various factors, such as the medicine’s potency, your body weight, sensitivity, tolerance, and previous experience with certain doses, the quality of your environment, and the presence or absence of a tripsitter. For instance, in a relaxed setting with a trusted guide, you might feel comfortable with a higher dose. On the other hand, when alone in a less familiar environment, you may decide to stick to a smaller dose to maintain more control over your body.

In conclusion, preparing your body, mind, and spirit before using therapeutic psychedelics can significantly enhance the outcome of your psychedelic journey. The set and setting are essential components, and setting intentions, setting a date, and determining the proper dosage are critical for a safe, positive, and life-affirming experience.

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