The Silo Wellness Guidebook

Our guide to a successful wellness journey

The daily activities will be outlined in the itinerary and include a number of one-on-one sessions with retreat leaders  and  practitioners,  psychedelic  ceremonies  and group  integration  sessions  ,  as  well  as  excursions  and free  time  for  you  to  explore.  Please  note  that  the schedule is subject to change depending on the needs of the group.

A psychedelic experience can be edifying and transformational if you go into it with the right mindset. This is a guide to help you condition your mind, to get the most out of your psychedelic retreat.

Your psychedelic journey,  like any good journey, starts by defining a goal and setting out  to  reach  it.  Your intentions  will set the mood of the journey and help point you in the direction you are trying to go. Your goals can range from simple to existential but you should remain open and accepting to the experience and where it takes you.

Having an attitude of openness and optimism contribute to a positive experience with psychedelics. Let go of  your expectations and allow the experience to unfold in a way that is unique to you. Leading up to your retreat, take some time each day to sit quietly and focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in and releasing your  anxiety, expectations and fears.

It can be useful to formulate a phrase that brings you comfort and centers you or reminds you of your purpose and intentions for your psychedelic journey.

I create my own path and walk it with joy

I am safe, I am comforted

I am in tune with my body, I am one with myself

I am open and receptive to my journey

Some participants might experience a bit of discomfort   in the initial phase of their psychedelic journey.  Each journey is unique and participants may have different experiences. You may have experiences that transcend time, space, and the senses,  and projection of strong emotions from the past or present onto the self or the environment. It is important to remember that you are in a safe space and the discomfort will pass. 

Possible Physical Effects:


Increased heart rate


Muscle relaxation

Dilated pupils

Dry mouth

Sweating and chills

Numbness or drowsiness



Possible Psychological Effects:

Heightened awareness of normal physiological processes  (heartbeat)

Heightened senses such as visual acuity or synesthesia (seeing sounds, etc.)

Trouble focusing, confusion or disorientation

Paranoia, euphoria, visual illusions

Feeling connected to or identifying with other people, animals, plants or objects.

Changes in sense of time, concern that the current experience may never end

Highly symbolic mystical/spiritual experiences

Regression to a younger age, reliving the birth experience

Sensations related to past disease or surgery

Loss of identity/ego dissolution

Leading up to your retreat, try to adopt a healthy and calm lifestyle. It might be helpful to abstain from alcohol, cannabis, tobacco and other mind altering substances. Eat healthy, nourishing foods such as organic fruits and vegetables,  and increase your daily water intake to help regulate your body. Practice meditation, yoga and breath work and ensure to get adequate rest.

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