The two most important components of a psychedelic experience are...


Your set, or mindset, is very important in a psychedelic experience because it influences the nature and quality of the trip. A positive mindset with clear intentions can lead to profound insights and spiritual healing.

The Silo Wellness experience anchors you in a well-informed, prepared, and intentional mindset. Our facilitators and staff are there to support you through the experience, ensuring you feel comfortable, supported, and capable of anything you set your mind to.


Your setting is vital in a psychedelic experience because it affects your comfort, safety, and the overall outcome. A natural, supportive, comfortable, and safe environment enables you to dive deeply into the inner experience, wherever it may take you.

Nestled in a lush and secluded fishing village in Little Bay, Jamaica, Coral Cove Wellness Resort is a beautiful sanctuary offering a reimagined approach to holistic wellness and healing that will elevate and support your transformative experience.

What makes our retreats different?

Our goal is to create a safe container for you to comfortably explore your own mind with the least amount of negativity that could distract you from your own purpose and intention. We aim to support your intention for the experience because this is your journey. You are the hero in your life story, and we are your ally. We provide some of the tools, you provide the courage.

Set (your mindset) and setting (your surroundings) are paramount.


In comfort with luxurious accommodations


Yourself with homecooked, ital-inspired meals

Healthy and delicious meals


Yourself in the rhythm of the natural world

Barefoot woman walking on a rocky beach


With 2 guided Psilocybin ceremonies

Jamaican beach with ocean view and a palm tree

New to psychedelics?

Are you curious about psychedelics and wondering what to expect? Are you interested in ensuring you have the best possible experience at our retreat?

Head over to our Learn page for a collection of psychedelic resources to expand your knowledge!

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