Silo Wellness

Delivering Psychedelic Healing Today

A little bit about us

We have a unique combination of business lines that provide a diverse, future-proof company by leveraging our first-mover advantage to commercialize with broad, immediate revenue stream potential. We are generating revenue now with an expansive near-term revenue plan growing an already robust portfolio of revenue lines while bridging modern science and indigenous traditions. Services provided in two countries and global product distribution/licensing partnerships give us the broadest footprint in the industry.

With biopharmaceutical competition in the psychedelics space being fierce and costly, Silo is a global psychedelics company not dependent on novel molecule clinical trial success. Our psychedelic wellness retreats make us a revenue-generating global psychedelics and wellness company delivering psychedelic healing today.

Who we are

Silo Wellness is dedicated to expanding the mycelium-like network of psychedelic awareness around the world. The inventors of the world’s first mushroom nasal spray that captivated the attention of the world’s mushroom industry established the following mission from Day 1: Put psychedelics into the hands of as many people in need as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

We at Silo Wellness believe it is intolerable that there are folks out there in the world who are struggling that haven’t heard of or experienced the benefits of  psychedelic healing. While we spread the message of the benefits of therapeutic mushrooms and other legal psychedelics from our bully pulpit in Jamaica, we are doing the same for legal functional mushrooms in the United States.

It is for these reasons that we are countering the pharmaceutical narrative that natural psychedelics need to be locked up in a pharmacy to be exploited by the capital markets. There is no need for there to be artificial scarcity of these healing molecules created by governments and Big Pharma. 

With this in mind, we put together a powerful portfolio of assets with two goals in mind: Psychedelic healing now and psychedelic revenue now. 

Our retreats do both: healing and revenue today. Not tomorrow, maybe, if investor-sponsored research projects are potentially successful and governments eventually give their regulatory blessing, but right now.