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The Future of Nature Therapy Is Psychedelic

September 20, 2021 – Silo Wellness’s Oregon Ketamine-assisted nature retreat is a five-page print feature in the current print issue of Outside magazine, a magazine focused on culture, travel and the environment. Written by acclaimed reporter David Kushner, the article, “Camping with Ketamine” is an in-depth profile of Silo Wellness’s ketamine-enhanced wellness retreats in Oregon, featuring interviews with retreat attendees, trained facilitators, and Silo Wellness’ founder.  It can also be found online.

The piece covers all things psychedelics, from their historic spiritual significance to modern clinical research behind their ability to connect us to nature, rewire neural pathways and potentially solve a psychological phenomenon that scholars have coined “nature-deficit disorder”.

The article highlights Silo Wellness’s mission for “psychedelic healing now,” its retreat models in Oregon and Jamaica, and the Company’s partnership and product line with the iconic Bob Marley estate. The story discusses Silo Wellness’s narratives around destigmatizing psychedelics and expanding the boundaries of modern healthcare.

The colorful narrative begins with an emotional play-by-play account of a ketamine deep-dive trip report by a brave participant with PTSD from sexual assault and depression: “[She] sees the blue pool, shimmering like a winter oasis.  It sparkles below a snowy trail and rocky gray cliffs, the iridescent turquoise water rippling under the rushing downpour of Tamolitch Falls…[Her] otherworldly trip didn’t happen in the flesh.  It took place in her mind, after she’d taken ketamine…” 

It closes with Silo Wellness’s founder commenting on one of the retreat’s waterfall hikes, “Could you have this same experience without ketamine?  Could you have the same experience with ketamine without a waterfall, or with the waterfall but without the group session? We’ll learn that over the years.  But we can say this is a very enjoyable way of going about mental health. You’re going to go through a hard journey. You might as well have a beautiful view.”

Look for a copy of the October/November issue of Outside magainze at bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, or at  https://www.outsideonline.com/outsideplus/ or read it online.

Silo’s retreats were also recently covered by Bloomberg along with extensive worldwide coverage of the Marley One product launch.  More earned media can be found at www.silowellness.com/investor-relations.

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