Oregon Psilocybin Cultivator Satya Inc. Announces Mushroom Genetics Exchange with Modern Mushroom Cultivation Brokered by Silo Wellness

MEDFORD, OR / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2023 / Satya Inc. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it will receive genetics from Modern Mushroom Cultivation (“MMC”), a leading researcher of unique and powerful sub strains of psilocybe cubensis.

Andreas Met, Satya CEO and Co-Founder, said, “We are incredibly lucky to be working with Tim Oliver, Founder of Modern Mushroom Cultivation. He has some amazing strains that he will share with us, most notably Melmac and Halo. MMC’s genetics have been carefully bred for consistently high potency while at the same time being more palatable for the end user.”

Satya endeavors to become the world’s largest library of the strongest strains of psilocybe cubensis. The more potent the strain, the less volume is required to be placed into an edible and thus a better taste profile. “Not everyone likes the taste of dried mushrooms and we have solutions for that,” stated Mr. Met.

Satya is also focused on potency to begin establishing efficient protocols for its planned mushroom extraction. “Extracts are a pathway to the best tasting edibles in the future, and to developing new products that don’t yet exist today,” Mr. Met continued.

Modern Mushroom Cultivation’s Oregon Plans

For MMC’s part, Mr. Oliver expressed his excitement about the alliance: “I’m delighted to collaborate with Satya and contribute my expertise in genetics and cultivation to help them achieve their ambitious goals. Our shared vision for the future of psilocybin and its potential applications align seamlessly, and I’m hopeful that this will lead to groundbreaking advancements in the field.”

Regarding the genetics to be provided, Mr. Oliver stated, “The Melmac and Halo varieties are just the beginning. We have been researching unique sub strains of psilocybe cubensis to bring forward the best possible experiences for consumers. Our library currently contains over 40 unique monocultures that are commercially viable. We are committed to ongoing research and development to discover and refine even more strains with diverse psychoactive components and characteristics.”

On the relationship between Satya, Silo Wellness, and MMC, Mr. Oliver said, “Our cooperation is built on mutual respect, shared values, and a strong commitment to research and innovation. We have established a deep mycelium-like network among top-tier purveyors, which I believe will create a synergistic effect that propels us to become the world’s leading source of high-quality psilocybin products.” 

Discussing future plans, Mr. Oliver shared, “We are eager to establish our own psilocybin manufacturing facility in the near future. Collaborating closely with Satya, Silo Wellness, and other potential partners, our focus is on developing innovative products and solutions that cater to consumers’ needs. While extracts and edibles hold potential, we are particularly enthusiastic about creating unique offerings that set us apart in the market.” 

In conclusion, Mr. Oliver conveyed a sense of optimism for the future, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts, cutting-edge research, and continuous innovation to deliver the finest psilocybin fungi to the community: 

“We at Silo Wellness believe Mother Nature is the best teacher,” stated pharmaceutical chemist and Silo Wellness board member, Michael Hartman. “With cannabis, the focus lies on isolating the most desirable buds to produce bigger, more potent, and aromatic biomass, resulting in an isolative approach which isn’t necessarily in the best interests of the end consumer. In contrast, mushrooms establish deep connections through mycelial networks, fostering the development of exceptional strains. We embrace this collaborative approach in our business practices to learn from the incredible nature of fungi: Oregon already provides an apt reminder for the potential scope of this industry with the honey mushroom found in eastern Oregon being the largest organism on Earth covering over 3 square miles.”

Satya Material Supply Agreement Updates

The Company entered into a material supply agreement with anticipated service center licensee, Silo Wellness, on March 23, 2023. The agreement gives Silo the right of first refusal on all production. The agreement also sets forth base pricing for products.

“The best way to ensure a steady supply of products to service centers is through formalized agreements,” Mr. Met stated. “It provides a mechanism to stabilize supply and pricing. The cost of psilocybin is very small compared to the price a service center will charge clients for sessions. Running out of product can be a disaster for a service center’s cash flow. The Company commits to always keep a partner in stock no matter what. We are working with several other future service centers on MSAs and will announce these in due course.”

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