Meet Our

Mike Arnold

Founder & CEO

Attorney at Law

Mike is an experienced Oregon trial attorney (complex criminal defense and commercial litigation) and the founder of Silo Wellness. He serves as the company’s president and chairman of the board of directors. He is responsible for Ontario Securities Commission and Canadian Securities Exchange compliance, investor relations, financing, and corporate development. In the last five years he has successfully raised over $12M for his startups.

He was actively involved in the cannabis sector in Oregon, having defended cannabis farmers in both federal and state courts. Additionally, Mike was involved in cannabis regulatory work, drafting cannabis license applications, and securing land use approval for cannabis facilities as state regulations permitted. He is also an experienced farmer, having raised livestock and poultry and operated a commercial cannabis outdoor farming operation.

Mike developed the concept for Silo’s metered-dose psilocybin nasal spray in 2018 together with his co-inventor. In Jamaica, he has extracted psychedelic compounds from raw biomass and developed and quality tested products there prior to founding psilocybin retreats there and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy retreats in Oregon.

Mike received his Bachelor of Arts from Truman State University and Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon School of Law. He is an avid outdoorsman and rafting guide.