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Mike Arnold, a Parkville, Missouri, native, was first exposed to cannabis, then a black-market industry, representing cannabis farmers and others related to the industry in federal courts in Oregon and Washington. He has been speaking to juries and judges about cannabis farming and cannabis since his first felony jury trial in 2000 in Lane County, Oregon, Circuit Court.

In 2017, Mike founded a cannabis startup in Oregon and grew 9000 lbs. of recreational marijuana before handing off the company to an outside management team. He has drafted countless recreational marijuana applications for the state of Oregon, has tilled fields, planted cannabis, designed a large-scale drying barn (which was featured in Rolling Stone magazine as one of the biggest for about five minutes back in 2017), managed over 100 skilled workers and laborers, and has been on the cutting edge of Midwest hemp and cannabis. Mike has also provided seminars to thousands of Missourians about cannabis and hemp. This is his next final project. 

Mike’s Oregon vision back in 2016 was to capture value for his investors now before it’s too late in the cannabis/hemp space and then latching on to the next big thing, which he predicted in 2018 would be psilocybin and other plant-based psychedelic medicines (DMT, mescaline, etc.) that are getting exposure for treating veterans with brain injuries and PTSD. He envisioned right away when President Trump signed the 2018 Right to Try Law with very little fanfare that this was paving the way for psychedelics. He foresaw the momentum and began putting the team together with Michael Hartman. Mike has already conferred with his lobbyist about the prospects of amending Missouri’s right to try law in 2020 to capture the momentum presented by Oregon and Colorado’s psilocybin initiatives. Read more about Mike at www.MikeArnold.com


· Park Hill High School (KCMO) – 1994

· Truman State University (Kirksville, MO) – 1997 (summa cum laud; 3.97 GPA)
B.S. in Political Science, Minor in International Studies. Played in three national rugby tournaments (one Sweet 16 and two Elite 8s).

· University of Oregon School of Law – 2001
Wayne Morse Fellowship, 1999-2001.