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Vertically-Integrated, "Spore to Door" Psychedelic Psilocybin Therapy

Vertically-Integrated, "Spore to Door" Psychedelic Psilocybin Therapy

We're dedicated to supporting your health through plant- and fungal-based compounds.


We're dedicated to supporting your health through plant- and fungal-based compounds.


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What We Do

Commitment to Innovation


SIlo Wellness understands that  supply chain, technology, formulation, strategic partnerships and first-to-market branding will be essential for emerging markets in the mushroom/psilocybin, DMT/ayahuasca  and mescaline/peyote psychedelic therapy industry. Our team of experienced professionals stay current about the latest trends in this space modeling the lessons learned in cannabis/hemp and pharmaceutical industries. We intend to be directly involved through ownership interests, product licensing agreements, and management contracts in the cultivation, manufacturing, and therapy dosing in this emerging space.


Silo Wellness intends to bring a purpose-driven cannabis vertical integration model first to Oregon and then onward as legalization happens through subsidiaries, investments and management contracts.  Founder Mike Arnold coined the term "Spore to Door" in 2018 in the context of the Mush Rush or Shroom Boom.  

Drug Development and Testing


Our team is constantly keeping up with health care trends and technology and strives to find better ways to improve access to these natural compounds. 

Read more about our Provisional Application for a Patent for metered dosing formulations of mushroom, Ayahuasca, and peyote compounds for oral, nasal, sublingual, and topical use.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing/Compounding


We strive to have products in place that can quickly go to market when the first state (likely Oregon in 2020) has a cannabis-like medical system.  It is our goal to remove the stigma associated with these compounds and present them a safe, effective, and fear-free manner for patients to comfortably use. 

Our Team

Mike Arnold, CEO/Founder


Mike Arnold, a Parkville, Missouri, native, was first exposed to cannabis, then a black-market industry, representing cannabis farmers and others related to the industry in federal courts in Oregon and Washington. He has been speaking to juries and judges about cannabis farming and cannabis since his first felony jury trial in 2000 in Lane County, Oregon, Circuit Court. [read more]



Michael is an accomplished pharmaceutical product developer inventor, scientist and self-styled disruptive force in the pharmaceutical industry.  He served as Senior Scientist at Novartis where he developed a novel triple drug combination dry powder inhaler for COPD and invented a robust formulation platform technology. Hartman’s work at Novartis earned [read more]

PARAG BHAT, PH.D., Dir. of Science



Dr. Bhatt’s experience and talents cover a wide array of needs within the company, including setup and oversight of the lab and product line formulations. From Dr. Bhatt: “I obtained my doctorate in Pharmacology and Physiology at Saint Louis University with a focus on the [read more]

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