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Silo Wellness

The Magic Mushroom Nasal Spray

November 18, 2019

Thank you for your interest in our newest innovation: Silo Wellness's Full-Spectrum psilocybin nasal spray. 

Licensing the Technology for Manufacturing 

If you are interested in licensing our technology in advance of legalization in your home jurisdiction, please contact our team for available territories. If you are interested in licensing other components of our patent-pending metered-dosing IP, contact us.


Bypassing the Gut Entirely

Our game-changing technology allows users to bypass the gut completely, entirely eliminating the queasy stomach or nausea side effects sometimes associated with oral dosing.  Furthermore, there is no question of the consistency of dosing. Every single time you spray a dose, you get virtually the same active pharmacological ingredients. 

Speed of Onset Through Nasal Tissues

And most importantly, by bypassing the gut, the speed of onset is quicker than traditional oral methods, allowing users to feel the effects more quickly.  This can prevent the dosage "stacking" problem that is seen when users are impatient of a first dose and take the second dose before the effects of the prior dose have fully been realized. These are problems that became very evident with cannabis edibles. 



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