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Michael Hartman


Co-Inventor / Board Member

Michael Hartman is an accomplished pharmaceutical product developer inventor, scientist and self-styled disruptive force in the pharmaceutical industry.  He served as Senior Scientist at Novartis where he developed a novel triple drug combination dry powder inhaler for COPD and invented a robust formulation platform technology. Hartman’s work at Novartis earned the Global Innovation of the Year Award for the iPulmoSpheres invention. 

Mr. Hartman holds 5 patents in the fields of pharmaceutical aerosol formulation, including the AeroSphere patent obtained as Employee #1 at Pearl Therapeutics, which sold for $1.3B with his IP largely the basis of the valuation. He is a published expert on respiratory drug delivery, and an expert on formulations for both pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDI) and dry powder inhalers (DPI). 

He left Big Pharma to lead a revolution in the cannabis space with the invention of his metered-dose full-spectrum, whole plant CBD/THC inhaler, which, like our psychedelic IP allows for precise dosing with the highest bioavailability possible and least worry about taking more than intended, leading to the undesired effects of stacking often associated with other methods of consumption. Michael has made substantial revenues from licensing deals with that IP and was once in 200 stores in Oregon alone after Mike Arnold licensed his technology in Oregon before Mike exited his Oregon company to focus on cannabis opportunities in his home state of Missouri. 

Mr. Hartman received his BS in Chemistry from University of California. In true Silicon Valley fashion, he is a drop out of the Physical Chemistry PhD program at University of Arizona, one of the top chemistry programs in the country. He lives with his wife and child in Northern California.